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Job Vacancies at Landmark University

is a private institutionLandmark University
owned by Dr. David Oyedepo and
approved by the Federal Government of
Nigeria. It is an arm of the Living Faith
The goal is to set the pace in making the
Nigerian nation fully, competitively
and profitably engage her comparative
advantage in human and agricultural
resource potentials and development.
Landmark University Academic Staffs Job
(Professors / Readers / Senior Lecturers /
Lecturers I & II / Assistant
School of Agriculture
a. Animal Science
Areas of Specialization: Ruminant Animal
Nutrition, Animal Reproduction,
Genetics and Animal Breeding, Animal
Products Processing, Pasture Agronomy
Range Management.
b. Crop Science
Area of Specialization: General Agronomy,
Horticulture, Genetics, Plant
Breeding, Crop Protection (Plant Pathology),
Crop Protection (Agriculture
c. Soil Science
Area of Specialization: Pedology, Soil
Physics, Soil and Water Management, Soil
d. Agricultural Extension & Rural Dev.
Area of Specialization: Planning and
Evaluation, Agricultural Communication and
ICT, Rural Sociology, Home Economics,
Agricultural Administration
e. Agricultural Economics:
Area of Specialization: Agricultural Policy,
Agricultural Finance, Agricultural
Marketing, Econometric, Farm Management
and Production
College of Science & Engineering (CSE)
A School of Engineering
a. Civil Engineering
Area of Specialization: Structures, Hydraulic,
Water and Waste Water
Engineering, Geotechnical/Soil Mechanics,
Highway Engineering.
b. Electrical Engineering
Area of Specialization: Electronical, Power
and Machines, Computer Engineering,
Information and Communication
c. Chemical Engineering
Area of Specialization: Reaction
Engineering, Petroleum Engineering,
Process Engineering, Biochemical
Engineering, Applied Thermodynamics
Engineering, Process Dynamics Control and
Implementation, Environmental
d. Mechanical Engineering
Area of Specialization: Automotive
Engineering, Air Conditioning and
Refrigeration/Thermo fluids, Industrial and
Production Engineering, Metallurgy
and Materials Science, Machine Design,
Mechanics of Deformable
e. Agricultural and Bio-System Engineering
Area of Specialization: Food Engineering,
Soil and Water Engineering, Structure
and Environmental Control Engineering,
Process or Post Harvest Systems
Engineering, Farm Power and Machinery
Engineering, Wood Product Processing and
forestry Engineerting,Aquaculture
School of Sciences
a. Industrial Chemistry
Area of Specialization: Environmental and
Analytical Chemistry,
Organic/Medicinal Chemistry, Petroleum
Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical
b. Industrial Physics
Area of Specialization: Renewable Energy,
Geophysics, Electronics.
c. Biochemistry
Area of Specialization: Nutritional
Biochemistry, Enzymology, Molecular
Membrane Biochemistry, Biogenetics, Drug
Metabolism, Clinical Biochemistry
d. Microbiology
Area of Specialization: Microbal Ecology,
Industrial Microbiology, Medical
Microbiology, Mycology, Bacterialogy,
Virology, Parasitology, Protozoology.
e. Biology
Area of Specialization: Molecular Genetics,
Tissue Culture, Plant Breeding,
Animal Breeding, Human and Population
Genetics, Plant Taxonomy, Animal
f. Computer Science
Area of Specialization: Artificial Intelligence
(AI),Computer Algebra, Computer
Information System (CIS),Computer
Graphics, Computer Networks, Data base
Systems, Management Information System
(MIS),Telecommunication Engineering
g. Industrial Mathematics
Area of Specialization: Real Analysis and
Fluid,dynamics,Algebra and
Computational Mathematics, Mathematical
Statistics, Applied Mathematics,
Optimization/Operational research,
Numerical Analysis/Stochastic Analysis,
probability Theory and Stochastic
Mathematical Modeling, Financial/Actuarial
Mathematics, Differential Equation
College of Business & Social Sciences (CBSS)
A. School of Business
Accounting, Banking & Finance, Business
B. School of Social Sciences
Economics, Sociology, Political Science,
International Relations.
General Qualification and Requirements
In all cases, candidates are required to
possess appropriate skills and
orientation for respective discipline as well
as possess teaching abilities with
adequate research experience.
· Professor: PhD degree with specialization
in the discipline applied
for with evidence of academic leadership in
terms of publications, project
design execution and monitoring,
administrative leadership etc with at least
12 years post qualification, full time
relevant teaching and research
experience. Research active Professors who
meet prescribed internationally
recognized contributions are moved to
Research Scholar scale which offers
internationally competitive remuneration to
such grade of academics
· Associate Professor(Reader): Same as for
Professor but with at
least 7 years post qualification ,fulltime,
relevant teaching and research
· Senior Lecturer: Same as for Professor but
with at least 7 years
post qualification, fulltime, relevant
teaching and research experience.
· Lecturer 1: PhD degree from a reputable
university, with at least 3
years post qualification teaching
experience, and evidence of scholarly
· Lecturer 11:PhD degree from a reputable
university in relevant
· Assistant Lecturer: At least a master’s
degree in relevant
disciplines with a CGPA suitable for
undertaking M.Phil./PhD Programme
Unique Package for Eminent Scholars:
Remuneration and other conditions of
Landmark University Academic Salary
Structure is between N1, 200, 000-N6,
The University in addition provides the
following conditions of service:
· An encompassing and empowering
(physical ,moral and spiritual)
environment that allows focus and
· Maintenance of the stable academic
· Wee-stocked Library with current
publications(books, journals and
multimedia centre)
· State of art Laboratories, Workshops and
specialized Facilities;
· Full internet service
· Sponsorship of international and local
· Research and Development Grants
· Support for continuous academic and
professional development;
· Openness to international collaborations
with other institutions;
· Regular electricity and water supply
· 24 hour campus security and intelligence
· Residential arrangement for both staff
and students etc.
How To Apply
Interested candidates should submit the
following documents:
· Ten copies of their applications and
detailed CV (stating their names;
dates of birth; state of origin/nationality;
marital status)
· Institutions attended(with dates)
· Academic and professional qualification
(with dates );honors,
distinction and membership of learned
societies and professional associations
and affiliations;
· Statement of personal research focus and
institutional academic
development plan
· Working experience
· Present employment
· Employment status
· Salary and employer
· Extracurricular activities
· Name and addresses of three Referees (at
least one of whom must
,where appropriate, be the head of
applicant’s current place of employment)
2 of 3 referees should make specific
statements on the competence base of the
candidate’s research and academic
· Three set of credentials. Applications
should be submitted to either
directly to the Registrar’s office or by
postage in a sealed envelope indicating
“Vacancies for Academic Staff” at the top
left corner of the envelop.
Please note that former applicants need to
update their application in line with
the above. In addition , a soft copy should
be forwarded to:
The sealed envelope should be sent to:
The Registrar
Landmark University,
P.M.B 1001, Omu Aran,
Kwara State,

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