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Job Description
Channels Television is one of the 13
independent television stations currently
broadcasting in Nigeria, since the Federal
Government deregulated the broadcast
media in 1992.
The company was licensed in June 1993
and allocated a frequency on UHF (channel
39). It began transmission two years later
under the name Channels Television and
now broadcasts to a well discerning
audience of over 20 million people.
We currently have the following vacant
positions in our company;
General Role
An online producer oversees the making of
content for websites and other online
properties. Online producers are
sometimes called “web producers”
“publishers”, “content producers,” or
“online editors.”
The online producer’s responsibility is
usually to create, edit and arrange the text,
video, audio, images and other materials
that may be included on a website. Online
producers define and maintain the
character of a website, as opposed to
running it from a technical standpoint.
Primary Responsibilities
Ensure the website is updated as often as
Upload Stories on the website- Word Press
compliant Content Management System
Upload videos on You Tube-With
annotations, tags
Google Plus Hangout Producer, which
includes live transmission on You Tube.
Re writing reports that are sent in by TV
correspondents to suit publication on the
Transcribing TV tracks into online stories.
Getting stories daily out of live TV
programmes such as Sunrise Daily,
Business Morning for the website.
Managing the social media platforms
(Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and You
You Tube video editing.
Plan, structure, report, and write news and
information content for Web sites and
other new media platforms
Enhance the news content with outside
links, maps, slideshows.
Convert new media content to broadcast
Coordinate news editorial and technical
staff to facilitate the migration of multi-
media content to new media platforms,
including video, audio, still photos and
Will assist in online coverage of major news
events, breaking news.
Manage wire feeds and publish to the web
site where appropriate.
Qualifications and experience:
Bachelors degree and training in
multimedia production.
Must have aptitude in Adobe Premiere and
digital audio editing
The Online Content Producer should have at
least 2 years professional experience
Must demonstrate good journalism and
writing skills as well as an understanding
of current events
Must understand basic journalism legal
Must be able to multi-task, meet deadlines
and work under pressure
Experience working in a dynamic, fast-
paced newsroom environment strongly
Working knowledge of online content-
management systems preferred
Working knowledge of web-design tools,
such as HTML, Flash, ASP.Net, DreamWeaver,
JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, and FTP
Good understanding of mass media and
social media
Exceptional communication and editing
GENERAL ROLE The 3D Animator will be
responsible for designing and developing
the next generation 3D stills, animation and
other multi-media content to support the
Company’s expanding marketing efforts for
Channels TV’s other stations. This individual
will be working as part of a team, reporting
to the creative director.
Create CAD drawings of customer floor
plans using the latest version Chief
Architect software
Create a variety of 3D stills and animations
based on customer orders
Develop material and object libraries (i.e.
custom furniture sets) for use in 3D work
Work closely with designers and developers
to optimize the user experience
Research information and best practices to
enhance the value of 3D stills and
Effectively manage, warehouse, and catalog
all 3D graphic assets necessary for
Ensure consistency with corporate design
and brand guidelines
Experience in the following areas:
Digital Video Production (Adobe Flash and
After Effects)
Familiarity and integration skills of other
tools such as – 3D Studio MAX, Adobe
AutoCAD, PTC ProEngineer, etc.
Expert knowledge of 3D visualization,
rendering, animation, multimedia design,
photographic/illustrative and computer
aided design processes and affiliated
software/tools, with an emphasis on
Must be able to work in a fast-paced/
changing environment while
demonstrating excellent time management
skills, ability to work well under pressure
and having the flexibility to shift priorities
Must have good communication skills and
work well in a collaborative / team
Must be detail- and solution-oriented, self-
motivated, and able to align professional
development goals with business goals
Must be able to manage multiple projects at
once and have the flexibility to change
focus quickly as projects dictate
Demonstrated high level of written, verbal
and interpersonal skills to communicate
Qualifications and experience
Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Graphics
Design and 2+ years of experience
Must possess strong attention to detail
and the passion to do great work
Knowledge of Final Cut Pro (FCP),
AfterEffects, Avid, AE and Adobe Creative
Knowledge in 3D Animation Software is
Familiarity with MAYA, 3D Studio Max,
Cinema 4D knowledge is a plus
The role of the Administrative manager
a manager who manages every activity
pertaining to proper working of the
organization. The admin manager also
undertakes the responsibility of
coordinating other departments, clients,
and third parties. An admin manager must
possess administrative qualities, which are
utmost necessary for uplifting the standard
of the company.
Responsible for what is needed inside
and outside the premises of the
-Looking after the internal communications
so that all members of the organization are
aware of what is going on within the
-Organizing any deliveries or suppliers
coming into the offices for the day for any
-Will be responsible for ensuring that all
records that pass through the department
are filed correctly and can be found and
referred to when they ever become
- Arranging company assets such as
company cars and any hotels for business
trips that may be needed.
- Must be detail-oriented to be able to keep
track of all the day-to-day operations of the
Company, along with strong analytical skills
and an ability to work with many different
types of people.
-Ability to prioritize in a fast-faced, high-
pressure environment.
-Keeping an account of the documentation
details and every kind of information
relating to products, sales, support, and
cost to the company.
-Must possess good observation power
and must be aware of the Company’s
-Review and approve requisitions,
purchase requests, managing office budget
and expenditure.
-Responsible for scheduling meetings,
checking product quality, and deadlines of
his subordinates.
-Answerable to interoffice queries and
ensures that there is effective
communication of operational data to the
management staff.
-Provides support to other departments of
the organization and manages projects of
the company.
-Admin manager is also responsible for
training his subordinates and evaluating
their performance as they participate in
growth of the organization.
Must have excellent written and verbal
communication skills, so that he/she can
present their views with clarity..
Interpersonal skills are essential along with
sensible attitude. Should be assertive,
optimistic, and a good listener.
Must have the ability to work within
deadlines and should achieve the targets.
In short must know how to manage time
and prioritise their work under pressure.
Must be flexible and quick in responding
within short notice period.
Must be adaptable in a dynamic working
environment and organizational culture.
Must be proactive. Should have the skills to
initiate his or her own work without being
Must be self-motivated and determined.
Must be reliable, trustworthy, and abide by
the company’s policies.
Must have good organizational skills, which
are essential for managing every type of
administrative job responsibility.
Must be self-disciplined, intelligent,
responsible and presentable.
Must be positive, enthusiastic, have good
leadership skills, get on well with people.
Must have the ability and perseverance to
help the company achieve its goals
Qualifications and Experience
BA in Business Administration, Business
Management or Public Administration, of
which at least 2 years must have been in a
supervisory or managerial capacity.
A Master’s degree with a major in Business
Administration, Business Management or
Public Administration is a plus.
-Ability to install, configure, test,
commission and maintain microwave
equipment’s of various sizes.
- Must be able to translate mission
requirements and transmission problems
into solutions employing current state-of-
the-art communications system equipment
and software. The solutions may consist of
local, satellite, wide area, fiber, cable,
wireless media or some combination
- Must have the ability to define interaction/
interface between different categories of
requirements and develop appropriate
design to support the requirements while
employing transmission systems standards
and methodologies.
- Must be able to serve as a liaison to
interpret and translate various disciplines
represented in contributing to the overall
project, and serve as a point of contact for
evaluation of problems arising from the
systems nature of the task.
- Must be able to directly interface and
manage the daily activities of the master
control operations.
-Must have the ability to interface and
communicate with the traffic,
programming, on-air promotions and post
production departmental representatives
-Must be able to handle the pressure of a
live broadcast and all typical and associated
issues; last minute media deliveries,
changing rundowns and play out
-Must monitor the channel integrity and
video quality. This will include real-time
logging of poor quality content that makes
it through the seams.
-Must be available and able to work as
required in support of a 7 day, 24 hour,
365 day operating broadcast television
production operation.
-Must be able to assist and provide input in
conjunction with troubleshooting
operational and technical issues that occurs
after hours.
-Capable of accepting, understanding and
logging verbal and electronic trouble and
incident reports containing limited
information and subsequently translating
that information to a timely and full
incident resolution and or correction.
-Clear, concise effective written and verbal
communication with technical and non-
technical individuals.
Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronic
Engineering/Communications Engineering/
Computer Engineering or; an HND Degree
plus 6 years of relevant field and/or
operational experience.
Relevant postgraduate and/or professional
qualifications/certifications will be an
added advantage Must have knowledge
and experience in IT.
-Must be proficient with different types of
recording media, such as analog tape,
digital multi-track recorders and
workstations, and computer knowledge.
-Ability to operate sound equipment
needed for recording, mixing or other
-Ability to add in sound effects, adjust the
volume and maintain excellent sound
quality throughout a broadcast.
- Will be responsible for performing all on-
air operations to include recording,
downloading, uploading and editing of all
on-air programming and commercial
material in a live news programme.
- Operate all control room equipment
associated with a typical live news
- Monitor and maintain the quality,
continuity and availability of multiple
networks and distribution channels in a live
and non-live environment.
- Monitors video/audio quality and signal
availability using waveform monitors,
meters and other test and monitoring
-Perform Master Control on-air operations
- Capture and encoding of content related
to on-air schedules.
- Assists media operations group in the
recording and storage of content feeds
BSc. Engineering / HND in any Engineering
BSc. Sound Engineering or equivalent
BSc. Audio Production and/or experience in
Audio Production
Must have knowledge and experience in IT.
Must be experienced in broadcast
television, cable programmer and network.
Must be able to work any scheduled time,
including nights, weekends and holidays to
support the 24×7 on-air broadcasts.
An Electrical or Electronics Engineer, with
the knowledge and experience of working
in the broadcast media industry.
An Engineer with extensive practical
experience of installation, repairs and
maintenance of broadcast equipment’s.
The Engineer must also have a strong
background in electrical and electronic
equipment’s being used across the
broadcast industry.
This position will require the Engineer to
have the ability for installing broadcast
equipment’s, broad skills in trouble
shooting and repairing faulty ones and very
good background in setting up and
managing maintenance schedule that
ensures asset last long and are efficient
throughout lifespan.
Be familiar with regulations related to
electrical installations and maintenance.
Ensure that all installations and
maintenance are carried out efficiently and
to a safe standard.
Must have a Bachelors Degree in any of the
Electrical/Electronic Engineering,
Electronics and Computer Engineering,
Computer Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering
Must have a minimum of 4-6 years core IT
Membership of NSE and COREN registration
or similar professional body would be an
Minimum of 7 years post NYSC experience
Familiarity with all aspects of electronic
news gathering/production/editing
Will be responsible for all sound and
lighting work including live remotes and
handling microphones, boom, wireless plus
portable mixers.
Must be familiar with editing and feeding
Studio Camera and control room audio
Will operate video recording equipment
Familiarity with live broadcast production
including studio camera, control room,
audio, and remote production working
with satellite and microwave vehicles.
Familiarity with all aspects of field video,
audio and lighting
Must have experience as a Motion Graphics
Must be able to use Video Editing Suites,
Final Cut Pro (FCP), Adobe Suites (Premier,
Aftereffects, etc.)
Some 3D knowledge is a plus (3d Max,
Cinema 4D, etc.)
Must have experience with Newtek
Tricaster, live production equipment and
streaming and encoding solutions
Experience with Newtek Tricaster, live
production equipment and streaming and
encoding solutions is preferred.
Technical support/training certifications
from Avid and/or Apple would be a plus.
BSc. Electronics Electrical Engineering,
Electronics and Computer Engineering,
Computer Engineering,
University degree in an associated field.
Must have a minimum of 5 years work
experience in this field.
Must have knowledge and experience in IT.
Must be experienced in broadcast
television, cable programmer and network.
Must have the ability to work under
Must be able to work any scheduled time,
including nights, weekends and holidays to
support the 24×7 on-air broadcasts
Technical support/training certifications
from Avid and/or Apple is a plus.
Requirements :
- To support and maintain a range of
broadcast and IT equipment, to provide
technical advice and expertise to
operational and programme activities in
Channels Television.
-Maintain broadcast automation systems
for the studio and automatic transmission
systems for the transmitter plant.
-Maintain technical equipment and systems
to the required safety and technical
standards with minimum disruption to
operational activities.
-Maintain, sets up and operates remote
production facilities, to include all
engineering activities associated with
remote television productions.
-To test and align new equipment’s prior to
installation in broadcast facility.
-Maintain and set up transmission
equipment for broadcast and point-to-
point microwave links.
-Knowledge of broadcast rules and
regulations (NBC).
-Knowledge in maintenance, usage, and
design of technical broadcast equipment.
-To interpret and diagnose technical
problems from a range of sources.
-To create and maintain asset records and
technical documents.
-To provide input, advice to technical and
non-technical colleagues at all levels.
-To provide input, advice and feedback on
the suitability, sustainability and use of new
products and processes.
Qualifications/Skills Required:
BSc. in Electronics, Broadcasting or related
field AND two years experience in
broadcast engineering which includes
equipment, repair and installation; OR,
Four years experience in broadcast
engineering which includes equipment,
repair and installation; OR,
Any equivalent combination of experience
and/or education from which comparable
knowledge, skills and abilities have been
Must have the ability to act quickly and
pragmatically under pressure to priorities
and resolve technical faults and problems.
Must have the ability to simplify and
systematically analyze and evaluate
technical problems.
Ability to communicate clearly with a range
of people at different web of the
organization and explain and discuss
technical issues using a range of styles,
tools and techniques.
Ability to access and advice on the technical
quality of vision, audio and data in line with
Channels TV guidelines.
Ability to carry out first line support to all
Channels TV areas concerning contribution
and distribution feeds.
Ability to produce reports, spreadsheets
and system diagrams with appropriate
software packages.
An understanding of television,
transmitters on the associated
transmission and carrier systems in an HD
To monitor and control the central
equipment management system.
To perform audio, video, RF circuit
performance checks and measurements.
Optimum Utilization of satellite resources
time efficient spectrum planning for analog
and digital services.
Design, integration of relevant sub systems
installation and commissioning of analog
and digital satellite uplink system for
distribution and contribution of signals.
Design and integrate sub systems and build
compact satellite uplink based on state of
the art digital technical.
Advice on augmenting capacity to meet
future transmission required especially in
satellite networking using digital video
Service for broadcast network ranging
from key provision and operation.
Requirements :
The Web Editor/Blogger would be
responsible for the content and images
used on the website.
Must have the ability to plan, research, write
copy and edit the content of our website.
Must have the ability to produce new
content and writing it in an interesting and
appealing manner.
Maintaining Channels website and ensuring
the information is accurate.
Will be responsible for dealing with
enquiries emailed from the site and
overseeing any message boards.
Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication/
journalism and multimedia may be useful
an HND Degree in relevant field.
Relevant postgraduate and/or professional
qualifications/certifications will be an
added advantage.
The Web Editor should:
have excellent communication skills, both
written and oral;
be able to undertake research using a
variety of sources;
be creative;
be able to alter their style of writing to
reflect their audience;
be able to multitask and prioritise work
be computer literate and possess good
keyboard skills;
be able to simplify and explain complex
issues and procedures;
be able to work on their own or in a
be able to work to tight deadlines;
be thorough and precise in their work
with a good attention to detail; and
be able to use their initiative.
The web blogger should:
have excellent writing, grammatical,
spelling and communication skills;
Knowledge of Microsoft Office and
equivalent applications;
Good understanding of Facebook,
Blogger, Blogging, Twitter and other
social media platforms;
Analyse statistics on posts; and
Must have good judgment to write news
stories and blogs.
Duties and Responsibilities
- Responsible for design, development and
implementation of short- and long-term
solutions through new and existing
- Reviewing IT requirements and
processes; codes, tests, debugs and
implements software solutions.
Must be able to provide application
software development services or technical
support in a defined project or existing
production system.
Must be able to develop program logic for
new applications or analyses and modify
logic in existing applications
- Leads the creation of program
specifications and diagrams, and develops
coding logic flowcharts.
-Must have experience in coding, testing,
debugs, documents, implements and
maintains software applications using
either .NET or Java/J2EE technologies.
- Ability to analyse requirements, and
maintain, tests and integrates application
- Ability to analyse, design, create and
implements databases, including data
models, logical and physical databases, data
dictionaries and schemas, access methods,
device allocations, validation checks,
organization and security.
- Ability to support and implement new
- Ensures that system tests are successfully
completed and documented and all
problems are resolved.
- Liaises with software vendors and
external technical support on issues such
as software upgrades, problems and
potential solutions.
- Analyse and evaluate existing or proposed
systems, and devises computer programs,
systems and related procedures to process
- Prepare charts and diagrams to assist in
problem analysis, and submits
recommendations for solution
-Ability to debug code functionality while
supporting multiple in-production
- Design, develop, maintain, support and
enhance an existing suite of applications.
- Application and technical support to
internal users.
- Full life cycle development with strong
attention to detail with testing
- Problem solving and troubleshooting
- A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
or a related degree.
Minimum of three (3) years of experience
working as an application developer
Experience working with Web
technologies, XML and emerging web
Web application deployment / maintenance
Full life cycle development including testing
Cross-browser web application
Knowledge of web portals and database
Must have a strong working knowledge in
the following: JavaScript / DOM, HTML,
CSS, jQuery, MS IIS, C#.NET / Visual Studio
Must have strong database skills preferably
with SQL (T-SQL, Subversion source control
and SQL query performance tuning would
be a major plus)
How To Apply
Interested candidates should forward their
application letters along with current CVs to
Application Deadline Date
Until suitable candidates are found.
Visit job page at http://

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