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Job Description:
Conduct close observation and make all the
essential recommendations to the
management regarding more effective and
more organized handling of specific
operations within the Company.
Ensure the maintenance of a working
environment that yields productivity and
furnishes essential office supplies.
Maintains an effective document and filing
management system making information
retrieval and utilization more effective.
Maintain close supervision on the daily
functions of the staff.
Organising and chairing meetings with
staff. This will include typing the agenda
and taking minutes.
Maintain an effective medium of
communication and close collaboration
among the workers in the organization.
Assists office staff in maintaining files and
Organizing staff appraisals, managing
performance and discipline.
Organize and lead meetings with staff to
get updates on agreed deliverables.
Prepare and circulate minutes.
Schedules appointments and meetings for
executives and upper level staff.
Serve as the receiver of mail, documents
and ordered items delivered to the
organization’s address.
Deals with telephone enquiries as
appropriate and notes important messages
that must be delivered promptly.
Responding to customer enquiries and
Track office supply inventory and approves
supply orders.
Recording office expenditure and
managing the budget
Compiles basic Secretarial and
Administrative reports.
Orient and educate fresh employees,
acquaint them with their specific
responsibilities, communicate in clear terms
what is expected from them, and introduce
them to the Company’s vision and mission
Assist Accounts personnel in pursuing log
receipt, reconciliation and invoicing
Process and follow up on documentation
for services to be launched
Accompany staff on meetings with the
Performs other assigned duties as
delegated from time to time.
Minimum of 5 years’ experience in
coordinating business operations in small
to medium organisation.
Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree.
Experience with managing teams.
Good oral and written communication
Experience with developing, improving and
managing work process flows and
Complimentary Skills
Building and Leading Teams: Knows the
talent needs of the team and attract the
people who can meet those needs.
Encourages collaboration among team
members and between teams. Inspires
team spirit and the commitment to achieve
high standards of performance.
Commitment to excel: Challenges self and
others to exceed standards and achieve
extraordinary results. Is not easily deterred
when obstacles or delays are encountered.
Developing People: Facilitates the
development of others through personal
involvement in coaching, mentoring and
sponsorship. Creates an environment that
fosters learning, growth and development
to improve TNL’s capability to achieve the
strategic vision.
Adaptability: Responds positively to change.
Maintains effectiveness when confronted
with new work situations or the
uncertainty and ambiguity that comes with
change. Is open to new ideas, assignments
and approaches.
Initiative: Must have a bias for taking
action, making decisions and proactively
doing things for both current and future
Maximising Individual Performance: Gives
clear directions and ensures others know
what is expected of them. Monitors and
reviews performance, providing support
and guidance to ensure success. Enforces
quality standards and agreed upon
commitments, addressing performance
problems in a timely, tactful, but direct
Planning and organising: Plans a course of
action to accomplish high-priority goals.
Monitors progress. Anticipates problems
and revises plans to meet changing
Communication: Provides information in a
timely, clear and concise manner. Expresses
ideas effectively, adjusting style to the
needs of others. Listens attentively.
Microsoft Application Suites: Microsoft
Office 2010 (English), Microsoft Vision and
Microsoft Project.
Desired Course(s): Not Specified
Application Deadline: February 07, 2013
Specialization: Administration/ Office
Experience: 5-7 yrs
Job Status: full-time
Method of Application:
Qualified Candidates are to send CV to

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